1) Presentation

Born by the fusion in 1996 of the "Tennis Club Raphaëlois" (BAUDINO) and the "Estérel Club" (ROLLAND GARROS), this tennistic complex show off proudly 350 members, and about 200 childrens enrolled in the tennis school. To satisfy his members, the SRCC disposes of 28 courts divided by two sites. The maintenance belongs to the St-Raphaël sports department, then the administration and the sports animations are standed by the SRCC and his managers. Thanks to his equipments, the club welcomes every year differents tournaments with for exemple, the Woman Open, in octobre (endowed of 25000$).

2) The structures

BAUDINO center

3) The press articles

François Pierson, Un prof en or 03/31/99
Les jeunes font le spectacle 04/09/99