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1) The town

Saint-Raphael is a seaside station, situated at the east boundary of the Var. She comprises Valescure, Boulouris, the Dramont, Cap Esterel, Agay and Antheor. The town lie down upon 9000 hectares along of his thirty kilometers of mediterranean seaside. The three quarter of his area are occupied by the Esterel massif.

The St-Raphael old harbour

2) The sport political

The local administrative area counts more than 10 000 members shared out in 111 clubs and associations. His political is to favour the access to sports installations for everybody, while privileging associative life. To reach this aim, the town leans on the work and the participation of the Sport Municipal Organization, Sport Municipal school, and the streets Organisation.

3) Saint Raphael, seaside town

Destination diving :

Forty kilometres of littoral, five harbours, three thousan hours of sun by year, the most beatifuls sites of diving of the French Riviera, Saint-Raphael proposes to you the most remarkable diving in his crystalline waters, whatever of the diver level.



The Dramont





Diving is born at Saint-Raphael in 1928 thanks to the genius precursor Yves le Prieur who made up the first self diving suit at the Lion de Mer.

Archeological Museum :

More than thirty archeological sites, about twenty historical wrecks since the sixth century before our era until the Provence landing in august, the 15th of 1944 are marking out Saint Raphael sea deeps.


Inside the old provençal town, in the old presbytery rebuilt in 1782, the Museum conserves the mains discoveries like an important amphoras collection coming from underwater excavations leaded on our littoral.

2000 years of underwater history :

Dive to the discovery of beatiful sites coming from wrecks of Saint Raphael seas.

A remarkable typology made of earthenware jar, flower vases, oil lamps, annular gourds from tenth century is exposed.

This furniture, exceptional by his rarity, is presented at Garrouste showroom.

You will find too the first diving furnitures whence the prototype of breathing device of thirties.

From the top of the thirteenth century tower, the Issambre's peak, the Saint-Tropez's peninsula are revealing themselves to the infinity.


4) Geographical situation

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